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Copyright and Copyright Law

A passion for protecting what belongs to you… and you alone.

Los Angeles entertainment attorney Larry Zerner well knows that your copyright protects your creative works, such as screenplays, books, songs, photographs and art.

As a copyright law expert, Larry is passionate about protecting that right. Copyright does exactly what the word implies: It gives you, the creator, the “right” to control any attempt to “copy” the work you have created. Reproduction, distribution, production, performance and display rights all fall under copyright protection and the realm of copyright law.

As one of the best copyright lawyers in Los Angeles, Larry is more than prepared to protect you and your copyright in a number of areas, including:

  • Copyright registration or renewal
  • Copyright licensing agreements
  • Copyright enforcement
  • Copyright infringement litigation or dispute arbitration

As a recognized entertainment industry copyright lawyer, Larry works to resolve your copyright issue without expensive or time-consuming litigation. But when litigation involving your copyright infringement matter becomes necessary, he’ll make sure you get the representation you (and your ideas) deserve.

When is litigation on a copyright matter necessary?

Knowing when and how to proceed in a copyright infringement situation takes expertise and legal know-how. Larry works closely with his clients making them aware of their options and the potential legal, economic and even emotional outcomes of each. As always, his goal is to resolve copyright and related issues as swiftly, cost-effectively and positively as possible for his clients.

As in all of his entertainment law cases and clients, Larry is committed to making the financial part of the arrangement as cost-effective and comfortable for you as possible. He can handle your copyright issue in a number of ways, including hourly or on a contingency fee basis.  Why settle for less? Get the best person to protect your rights.

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