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Trademark and Trademark Law

In the global marketplace, your trademark is YOU!

Larry appreciates the importance of trademarks — the words, symbols and designs that distinguish your product and/or service in the marketplace.

Trademarks, in fact, are one of your most valuable assets. And, they should remain yours! After all, your customers identify you and your company with your trademark.

An expert in trademarks and trademark law, Larry gives you expert, personal, hands-on legal advice to help protect this valuable asset. And if someone infringes on your trademark, rest assured that Larry is abundantly prepared to represent you as part of a swift and positive resolution.

Trademarks protect your name and reputation

You’ve put in an untold amount of work to brand your company’s or product’s name or slogan. And you want to prevent others from damaging your reputation or taking away your business through the unauthorized use of your name.

The way to ensure this protection is through the proper registration of your trademark

Trademarks protect your name and reputation. To register a trademark, an application must be filed with the state or federal trademark office, a filing process that Larry has undertaken on behalf of his clients literally hundreds of times.

Once a trademark is registered, it is active forever, provided it is in use and that all renewals are filed properly and on time. From initial application to ongoing renewals to any trademark issues that may arise along the way, trust that Larry will handle the trademark process efficiently and properly.

Prior to, and after taking your case, Larry will work out a financial arrangement that makes sense for you. He will handle your trademark issue on an hourly basis, for a low, flat fee or on a contingency fee basis.

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