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Sometimes negotiation ends up in litigation. As an experienced entertainment litigator, Larry’s goal is clear-cut: protecting his clients vigorously and, when it comes to their wallets, affordably.

Larry is known throughout the entertainment industry as an authority in the delicate art of negotiation. While he firmly believes litigation should be the last resort in entertainment and other matters, he won’t hesitate to recommend going to court when and if negotiation and mediation don’t solve a client’s issues to their (and his) satisfaction.

As a leading entertainment lawyer well-known for his skilled involvement in copyright, trademark and entertainment industry cases, Larry is relentless and unwavering in his commitment to achieving his clients’ goals.

What happens when your entertainment law matter requires litigation? It takes a strong litigator to effectively advance, protect and fight for your interests. In all matters of entertainment law, Larry is a sought-after entertainment litigator for clients needing legal support in:

  • Copyright Infringement
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Breach of Contract
  • Libel and Slander
  • Violation of Right of Publicity

Don’t let someone else take what rightfully belongs to you. Larry has successfully fought for the rights of screenwriters, authors, actors, producers, directors, studios and others in the entertainment community in their artistic and industry endeavors.

How does Larry do it? Simple: He immerses himself in the specific, immediate and longer term needs of clients seeking counsel in areas from copyrights and trademarks to entertainment law and related litigation. Larry’s reputation for knowing your business (and the entertainment business) and transferring that knowledge into his actions as a passionate advocate in all entertainment industry legal issues is what sets him apart from many of the other entertainment attorneys or entertainment law firms out there.

Larry understands that you want to know what this level of legal representation will mean for your bank account. Whether it’s at an hourly rate, for a flat-fee or on a contingency fee basis, Larry will represent you with an eye toward your financial comfort and needs.

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